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Hello to all,cordially, my name is Latoya L, Rogers. Some of you may never meet me. However, this is a way to possibly know more about me. Even though, I have strapped up my boots, I myself have been homeless, lived in a car parked in a college garage, and in a park where you leave on the gas to keep it running to stay warm while it is a blistering cold night. Honestly, I might very well be back to that reality. I know how to fight for a dream, lose and work even harder to reach that American Dream. I believe life continues to challenge anyone at any level in life, even thyself.
My purpose, to all is to challenge you as a company,station or label to provide a chance to feed a child, their entire family, and particularly, to that child, who is an artist, who has attempted to submit there music via radio; video; t.v. stations; many other outlets. In addition, this challenge is for all of you to pick, the top three artist, from any genre within your state,from those stations, combined with those companies will cooperate with record labels to produce and you sell units for those voted three, including distribute on radio or online radio, satillite radio,and internet, even if, there is invitations to major shows or such like. Your challenge will give them the opportunity to submit music, that is, thier best music will be presented to you and food will be included in the local or national winnings and awarded to their whole family, the food provided shall be for bi-annual,which is six months.

Music Submissions

Music Submissions

A List of Resources
For Children from Kindergarten to 12th grade.
SFSP ( Summer Food Program)
Program does some schools, summer camps,churches, and community groups serve free breakfasts and lunches to children during lunches to children during the summer.
Any child age under 18 and younger who comes to eat. But some camps and clubs serve only children in their programs.
You can learn more about SFSP and where summer meals are in your area State”s phone number. You can find out this phone number by calling 1-866-348-6479. You can visit; http://www.fns.usda.gov/sfsp/summer-food-service-program-sfsp.

CFSP ( Commodity Supplemental Food Program)
What this program does, note, some states offer CSFP in some areas. With CSFP, You can get food package to take home once a month.
Pregnant women, mothers of babies, and families with children up to age 6 who have low income can apply. But must live in an area that offers CSFP. You may not apply if you are on WIC. You may apply if you are on SNAP.
You can learn more about CSFP visit http://www.fns.usda.gov/csfp/commodity-supplemental-food-program-csfp or call 1-866-348-6479 to find your state CSFP contact.

TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program)
This program gives food to food banks in every State. Then the food banks give food to soup kitchens and food pantries. You may be able to eat at local soup kitchens. You may also be able to take food home from local food pantries or have food delivered to you.

To apply each state has its own rules about who can get food at soup kitchens and pantries. Also not in all areas in each State offer TEFAP. Call the National Hunger Hotline at 1-866-348-6479 to find out about soup kitchens and pantries in your area. Then call the soup kitchen or food pantry in your area to find who can apply.
To learn more call the National Hunger Hotline at 1-866-348-6479. You can also visit http://www.fns.usda.gov/tefap/emergency-food-assistance-program-tefap.

Of course, this a choice by free will. Futhermore, I feel you can push this aside or quite possibly, become a team player by getting involved. A start would be by simply adding your email for to directly reach out to you. Those updates sent of mp3’s of slots or video promo’s or stories written, shall be sent to thereddgroup@hotmail.com along with the correct format to upload be it wav. or such like in 4share. These will be uploaded on my blog for people to know that you have accepted this pledge. I prefer email or phone number, so I can monitor the progress of your challenge. Thank you, kindly, Latoya L, Rogers.

Is anyone up for the challenge?

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